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Bookmaker elite service

Where independent bookmakers service their elite clients by partnering with select online bookmakers.


Welcome to my Dixmar clients, and welcome to all referrals from all independent bookmakers.

This site should be seen as an extension to our service, enhancing our core offering to you.

The bookmakers we feature have been selected to fit your particular needs, and we will always show you their special offers and best prices.

Our selected bookmakers can lay large bets that we have to turn away.

Our selected bookmakers operate online 24/7, which we are unable to do.

Ensuring professional service through partnership. Independent bookmakers welcome.

As a remote general licence holder, we provide phone and email bets- but this can’t be serviced 24/7. The number of large bets has actually increased and often without time to lay off, Sound familiar?

Dixmar Racing Ltd, the inability to refuse huge bets for fear of losing clientele caused huge problems that made their position untenable.

Having run independently with Dixmar client base since, we have had to turn away punters many times and not offered any other option.

This website fills the gap.

Betting Community

Independent bookmakers are welcome to refer their clients to this site, should price and special offers be required by email, this can be arranged.

Working together as a betting community from online giant to on-course cash bookmaker, ensures our mutual customers are always taken care of.